Background of the Volkswagen scandal

The Volkswagen scandal started because there was a high demand of diesel cars in the United States. The demand also called for the cars have low emissions. Volkswagen had put a contraption that changes the emission test so it would say it was a low emission car. They were imputed by the EPA for fudging three diesel engines' software too. They dissented that claim. This month they made known that they had in fact found unusual results in the low emissions test in their cars that are in Europe.

The result of the scandal

After the reveal of the scandal, Volkswagen has begun to recall 8.5 cars in Europe, 2.4 million cars in Germany, 1.5 million cars in the U.K., and 500,000 cars in the U.S. I don't think they should stop at just recalling cars. Also because of the scandal Europe has toughen their emissions tests so it wouldn't be so easy to cheat them.

Should the company pay people for the damage they did?

Recently Volkswagen had made a pitch of giving out gift cards worth of 500 dollars and another 500 dollar gift card that could be used to get a new car and a three year roadside service. I think people aren't going to buy a new Volkswagen with the second gift card. I don't people would want another car from a company that has admitted of cheating. I think they should just give out the first gift card instead.

Should Volkswagen go out of business?

I think they should go out of business. Putting contraptions on the cars to cheat is not a good thing. To remain in business shows to the world that you can get by with cheating. It also sets a bad example for children.

Volkswagen has definitely rocked the world by making known they cheated on the emission tests which started a scandal. The scandal started the recall of cars, and paying people gift cards to lessen the blow of the scandal. The company should go out of business because it will be a bad example to everyone if they stay in business. Here is an article that talks to more detail about the scandal you might find it off use.


Determining the important factors you are looking for when buying a car can be quite stressful. Vehicle brand, standard features, and price are just a few of the things that most car-seeking customers are searching for. This article will focus on the top safety rated cars that hit the market in 2015.

In the minicar category, the one that was ranked number 1 by The Insurance Insitute for Highway Safety is the Chevrolet Spark. What distinguishes this car from the rest is that it comes with 10 standard air bags for extra safety.

In the large family car category, the Toyota Avalon comes in first place in the safety category. With its antilock brake system and front, rear, and side airbags, this car is the ultimate protector for you and your family.

If its a midsize luxury SUV you are looking for, the Infiniti QX60 is ideal for you! Its innovative Blind Spot Intervention system provides maximum safety to alert drivers of vehicles that are normally not able to be seen in your blind spot.

If you are in search of something new and different, the Kia Optima Hybrid is a nice option with great safety features. Complete with air bags that span the side, rear, and driver side, along with Child safety locks, you can't go wrong with this new and innovative set of wheels.

And for those large luxury car lovers who are looking for style, class, as well as ultimate safety, the Mercedes E class is the car for you. While most luxury cars come standard with airbags on the sides, rear, and driver side, one unique quality about this car is its driver knee airbag. This feature provides added protection by deploying the airbag from the lower panel of the vehicle and helps to avoid injuries to your knees during the possibility of a frontal crash.

And last but not least, for those large truck lovers who are seeking a strong, sturdy vehicle which can carry a load, the Ford F-150 is the truck for you! Aside from its dynamic looks and it's supreme usability, one of this trucks unique safety features is its Rollover sensor. In the case of an impending rollover, airbags are deployed from the side to keep the driver safe.


Just as soon as ten years ago, self-driving cars seemed so far into the future that a lot of people thought that they would not see them in their lifetime. Since then, the thought of them has become more of a reality as automobile companies and tech giants have promised that self-driving cars will be on the road between 2017-2020. A lot of people may be looking forward to driving one of these vehicles and they are more than likely interested in how close we are to having these vehicles on the road.

At the present time, cars are at the beginning of the process of being able to drive all on their own. They have limited self-driving capabilities that does not depend on data. An example of this is safety systems like 3D cameras and wave radar. Also, a lot of these cars have systems that warn drivers when they are crossing the line into the next lane. To replace cruise control, these cars have a system that will make it possible for the driver to adjust the speed of the car based on the speed of the car in front of them. These cars also have a blind spot detection system that is detected by radar, cameras, or ultrasonic sensors to see around corners. There is a lot in store for the future of these cars.

With the hope of these self-driving vehicles in the future, a lot of people are hoping to break up the monotony of long car trips. With the car in control of everything, passengers can read, watch movies, or sleep behind the wheel. The industry experts say this dream is a long way away from happening, and even when it is available, a driver will still need to be alert just in case there are automation failures. Engineers do not want people to become so dependent on this technology that do not know what to do if a problem arises. Morgan Stanley has also done some research about self-driving cars. There is also research being done on the topic of self-driving cars.

Toyota, M.I.T. students, and Stanford students are working together to research the subject of self-driving cars. The research at M.I.T. will focus on "advanced architectures" that will give cars the ability to perceive, understand, and interpret their surroundings. This study is being done by Daniela Rus, who has recently worked on golf carts that drive themselves and the laser, also known as LIDAR, which sensors self-driving cars typically to map the world around them. The research at Stanford will focus on computer vision and machine learning. That technology is key to teaching cars to get around in the outside world, where anything can happen. It will also study human behavior to include the people outside of the vehicles and the people inside the vehicles. With all of the hard work that is going on to make these vehicles a great part of our future and the research that is helping with that as well, self-driving cars should hopefully soon be a part of experience on the road.


The price of used cars has fallen off the cliff in the recent years. It's attributed to increased demand for new cars and the rise in fuel economy. Having the right knowledge on the changing trends on used cars market is crucial to identifying the best price the car can fetch out there. Several countries are enacting stricter laws and tax penalties for used cars market. This new legislation is making it hard for used cars to bring ultimate best prices in the market. This article focuses on improving a few things for a used car and significantly increasing its selling price.

Doing adequate research on used car market.

Several cars have a completive edge over others in used car market. Family cars have more demand for people in need of cheap, basic and inexpensive transportation. Sports cars tend to fetch more prices depending on the seasons. Sports cars sales rises in sunny summer weather than in cold winters. On the centrally, four wheel drive cars price tend to go up during the winter. Researching on these aspects is more likely to make used cars fetch more prices for selling in competitive pricing.

Sell used cars before they age.

It's relevant knowledge that buyers would not like an old car. The market demands cars that are not overused because of efficiency. Timing is critical when selling a car. Less than 5000 years since manufacture or 60000 miles are favorable. It's important for individuals willing to get the best prices for their cars to sell them off immediately they have are done with them. Keeping them to sell later will make the car depreciate and price.

Pricing the car competitively

Going behold the conventional methods of selling used cars will decrease the competition and fetch higher prices. The call for cash service allows the owners of used cars to fetch instant cash for this car rather than selling cars at auction or yards. It's faster and convenient way of selling a car without involving lengthy procedures and at fair prices. The call for cash service providers is convenient selling old, unrepairable cars in the faster way. It also saves the seller the hard and stressful work and fetches good prices depending on the status of the car. The process involves calling the cash for car service provider, giving the details of the car model. They give an instant quote on the phone and takes it will take around a few hours before the used car is sold at a fair price. Here is just a one example of a cash for cars service, you can try contacting. They should be able to give you an estimate of what your car is approximately worth.