Background of the Volkswagen scandal

The Volkswagen scandal started because there was a high demand of diesel cars in the United States. The demand also called for the cars have low emissions. Volkswagen had put a contraption that changes the emission test so it would say it was a low emission car. They were imputed by the EPA for fudging three diesel engines' software too. They dissented that claim. This month they made known that they had in fact found unusual results in the low emissions test in their cars that are in Europe.

The result of the scandal

After the reveal of the scandal, Volkswagen has begun to recall 8.5 cars in Europe, 2.4 million cars in Germany, 1.5 million cars in the U.K., and 500,000 cars in the U.S. I don't think they should stop at just recalling cars. Also because of the scandal Europe has toughen their emissions tests so it wouldn't be so easy to cheat them.

Should the company pay people for the damage they did?

Recently Volkswagen had made a pitch of giving out gift cards worth of 500 dollars and another 500 dollar gift card that could be used to get a new car and a three year roadside service. I think people aren't going to buy a new Volkswagen with the second gift card. I don't people would want another car from a company that has admitted of cheating. I think they should just give out the first gift card instead.

Should Volkswagen go out of business?

I think they should go out of business. Putting contraptions on the cars to cheat is not a good thing. To remain in business shows to the world that you can get by with cheating. It also sets a bad example for children.

Volkswagen has definitely rocked the world by making known they cheated on the emission tests which started a scandal. The scandal started the recall of cars, and paying people gift cards to lessen the blow of the scandal. The company should go out of business because it will be a bad example to everyone if they stay in business.